Building a Culture of Compliance

Establishing a culture of compliance is an extremely worthwhile journey and commitment. The journey takes continuous attention, resources and time to influence strategic change. As the regulatory demands grow, companies need to have a framework in place to embed compliance into everyday workflow and set the foundation for security behavior. The question for today is: “What is Culture or Compliance?”and “How do I implement it?”

That’s where Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) comes in. CRSI understands what it takes to establish the policies and procedures to classify and manage cyber assets, role-based security profiles, physical security practices, artifact management and compliance evidence. In addition, CRSI has developed a Culture of Compliance Framework to change behaviors and implement sustainable components.

What is CRSI’s secret sauce? – Simple:

Design– Culture of Compliance (CoC) starts by designing security and compliance guiding principles and values into the day-to-day fabric. CRSI works with the executive team to outline those guiding principles in which every role in the company incorporates. One of the primary outcomes of design is to create the leadership and governance structure, formal and informal, in place to ensure security and compliance activities are aligned, managed and improved.

We then move into the Awareness & Education stage where CRSI brings a series of structured processes focused on making people deeply aware of the impacts of non-compliance and how to be diligent in prevention and detection efforts. CoC requires a set of ongoing education efforts to burn the messages into the brains of the employee base. This includes formal education, lunch and learn series, security and awareness visual workplace aids, as well as targeted knowledge development.

The Execution stage focuses on implementing the appropriate Operations Review dashboards and review process to actively gauge critical operational security and compliance measures. Periodic reviews are used to review the metrics, identify areas where the service levels are out of bounds, and dedicate the resources for remedy and reporting.

The final step is Testing For Success – Practice, Practice, Practice! Once the organization is in the Execution Stage, CRSI in conjunction with your team perform an evaluation on the integration looking for ways to strengthen and improve the process.

Many energy and utility executives feel they are all alone on an island when it comes to driving security and compliance behaviors throughout the organization. CRSI provides you with that sounding board giving you the confidence in guiding your organization through this journey.

Get Started Today – Contact Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. at 866-492-7072 today to set up your personal one-on-one discovery session to determine your readiness to implement a Culture of Compliance.

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