Culture of Compliance

Culture of Compliance: Driving Sustainability

Establishing a Culture of Compliance is an extremely worthwhile journey and commitment. The journey takes continuous attention, resources and time to influence strategic change. As the regulatory demands grow, companies need to have a framework in place to embed compliance into everyday workflow and set the foundation for security behavior. The questions for today are: “What is Culture or Compliance?”and “How do I implement it?”

That’s where Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) comes in. CRSI understands what it takes to establish the policies and procedures to classify and manage cyber assets, role-based security profiles, physical security practices, artifact management and compliance evidence. In addition, CRSI has developed a Culture of Compliance Framework, in addition to services like the Expert Advisor Program, to change behaviors and implement sustainable components.

Culture of Compliance ModelWhat is CRSI’s secret sauce? – Simple:

We understand that sustainability begins with four (4) key building blocks:

  1. Foundation – Establish the vision and annual goals for compliance, coupled with putting in place a budget and communication process to keep key personnel engaged and informed.
  2. Intelligence – Focus on knowledge management and on having the documentation in place, paired with awareness activities that provide effective training and on-going education.
  3. Evidence – Evaluation of policies and procedures, performing assessments, and testing processes and systems to ensure successful implementation of policies and procedures.
  4. Engagement – Develop events and actions that drive personnel engagement in every-day activities.

Many energy and utility executives feel they are all alone on an island when it comes to driving security and compliance behaviors throughout the organization. CRSI provides you with that sounding board giving you the confidence in guiding your organization through this journey.

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