Expert Advisor Program

How the Expert Advisor Program Helps You

A program designed with flexibility and responsiveness in mind.

The Expert Advisor Program was created as a valuable tool for CRSI client partners to utilize CRSI resources for month-to-month NERC CIP and NERC 693 compliance needs over the course of twelve (12) months. Month One (1) of the program typically involves a strategy and scoping call with your Subject Matter Experts to really define and outline your compliance needs and goals for the next three (3) to twelve (12) months. The end result? A high-level roadmap of activities and tasks for the following Quarter/Year. At any time, our client partners can re-direct CRSI to focus on re-prioritized needs and tasks on a monthly basis, or through pre-scheduled re-calibration and alignment meetings.

The Expert Advisor Program at a glance:

Expert Advisor

Once an outline of work effort is in place, CRSI will assign the right resource for the scheduled monthly work effort. This means you get the CRSI resource that has the skills to successfully complete the job, the availability to do the work when needed, and at the lowest priced rate; thereby providing you with maximized value.

CRSI frequently uses the Expert Advisor Program to assist key personnel and management in our client partners in several ways:

  • Drivers of a Culture of Compliance
  • For review of policies, procedures, RSAWs, and other evidence artifacts
  • Assist in Gap Analysis or Mock Audit activities
  • Guide and review development of TFE or Self-Reports
  • Subject Matter Expert Training
  • Incident Response and Back-up Recovery
  • And much more


Efficient. Effective. Sustainable.

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