Leadership Accelerator Group

Why Join a Leadership Accelerator Group?

A group driven on greater knowledge, problem solving, and critical thinking capabilities.

For key decision makers, directors, and managers, the list of needs is endless. You have to balance where you spend your time between the tactical day-day business operations and the strategic positioning elements that make your compliance program effective and sustainable. This where the Leadership Accelerator Group delivers results. This group is built to provide intense focus on developing solutions and drive greater knowledge in compliance management, security assurance, risk management, problem solving and critical-thinking capabilities.

Each Leadership Accelerator group participates in a monthly session to learn and apply critical thinking tools and techniques with 10-12 peers interested in achieving more through innovation and critical thinking. In addition, you set a one-on-one session with an innovation specialist to help you develop and manage your compliance efforts. These sessions are all about thinking differently to solve relevant and impactful issues facing electric utilities and business units affected by Regulatory Compliance.

See things different:

  • In each session, bring a compliance/business issue to discuss
  • Learn a new critical/innovation thinking tool or technique and test it
  • Participate with peers to generate and validate ideas individually, as a select group, or in an open-group discussion
  • Gain insight directly from decision makers facing similar issues
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Benefits of joining a Leadership Accelerator Group today:

Focus on Sustainable Compliance Management – The group has a single focus – compliance! All of the activity is geared around driving risk out of the business by having a comprehensive and sustainable compliance and security management program.

Results – Each month you will get feedback and input on your business and compliance needs. You will have access to 10-12 peers with one outcome – helping you put in place plans based on meaningful ideas with traction – ideas that will make significant impacts.

New Perspectives – You get the advantage of having a diverse set of experiences and ideas from the group.

Tested System – You get access to a CRSI expert and a set of critical thinking tools and techniques to grow my decision making and leadership skills.

Accountability – You put more effort into improving your business when another executive peer is asking you for proof of action when you say you are going to do something.

Support – You know that when you bring a tough business or compliance issue or opportunity to the group they will go to work for you.

Personal Investment & Growth – You get the opportunity to explore and examine issues other peers bring to the table that challenge your comfort zone.

Fierce Conversations – You need a trusted person or set of people that you can really have difficult and critical conversations without fear of taking things the wrong way.

Efficient. Effective. Sustainable.

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