NERC CIP Compliance Guide

V5 3rd Edition Compliance Guide

CRSI’s NERC CIP Compliance Guide, 3rd Edition

CRSI’s NERC CIP Compliance Guide is the first ever, holistic, abridged “Go-to” source for all NERC CIP Compliance questions. Now it’s been updated and better than ever! Whether you choose the popular printed and bound book or the PDF version for laptops and tablets, you’ll find that you have a great resource at your fingertips.

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Expanding on FERC Orders 706 and 791, the latest edition provides insight into the Standards updates resulting from FERC Order 802 and FERC Order 822. Also included is a comprehensive section on CIP-014.

CRSI’s NERC CIP Compliance Guide references other relevant NERC guidance documents and the interpretation or application for each CIP Standard. Additionally, the Guide spells out what documentation is needed for evidence on every Requirement and Sub-Requirement and then details additional evidence that must be provided during to audit. Then, we provide best practice recommendations and problem areas to avoid that CRSI has identified from working on NERC CIP compliance projects with over two hundred of electric utilities throughout North America.

This guide was developed using Version 5 (FERC Order 791) of the CIP Standards, FERC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) RM15-14-000, FERC Order 802 (CIP-014), and includes mapping charts for NERC CIP Version 5 to NERC CIP Version 6.

New in the 3rd Edition is an overview of the Inherent Risk Assessment (IRA) and the Internal Controls Evaluation (ICE).

Who is the NERC CIP Compliance Guide for?

CRSI’s NERC CIP Compliance Guide the definitive source of information for everyone in your organization that has a NERC CIP Compliance responsibility. It is a must have for Subject Matter Experts, members of your internal Compliance Team, Senior Executives, Management and every employee with NERC CIP compliance responsibilities. We offer volume discounts, so call to discuss how much you can save.

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