NERC 693

NERC 693 – Operations & Planning Reliability Standards

CRSI specializes in providing NERC Compliance Consulting Services for NERC 693 Operations & Planning Reliability Standards. Our consultants extensive experience, holding titles such as: Senior Power Systems Operator, Power Control Center Manager, Transmission System Supervisor, Generator Operator, Operations Manager, Senior Engineer and Compliance Manager. Most are Registered Professional Engineers and former NERC Certified Operators.  NERC 693

CRSI consultants have served on industry committees such as: EPRI Reliability Committee, MITF, SPP CWG, and OATI Steering Committees. Our professional, credentialed, and NERC experienced consultants have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to address each of the specific requirements of the NERC 693 Operations and Planning Standards.

We lead our partners to comply with NERC’s planning and operating rules within all 14 Reliability Standards groups, with emphasis on:

EOP-004 – Event Reporting

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NERC requires each Responsible Entity to have an Event Reporting Plan that includes protocols for reporting to the ERO and other applicable organizations. CRSI consultants work to develop, update, implement, test, and audit Event Reporting Plans meeting EOP-004 requirements for our electric utility clients.

EOP-005 – System Restoration from Blackstart Resources

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Each Transmission Operator must have a restoration plan approved by its Reliability Coordinator. The plan must allow for the restoration of the Transmission Operator’s system following a Disturbance in which one or more areas of the BES shuts down and the use of Blackstart Resources is required to restore the service. In addition, the Standard requires training of personnel specific to the System Restoration Plans of an organization.  CRSI consultants work to develop, update, implement, test, and audit System Restoration Plans and are ready to prepare or assist in preparing sufficient training exercises meeting EOP-005 R1 – R18 requirements for our strategic partners.

EOP-008 – Loss of Control Center Functionality

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NERC requires each Reliability Coordinator, Balancing Authority, and Transmission Operator to have an Operating Plan describing the manner in which it continues to meet its functional obligations with regard to the reliable operations of the BES in the event that its primary control center functionality is lost. There are 14 criteria required to be contained within the Operating Plan as detailed in Requirements 1 through 1.6.3.

CRSI consultants produce operating plans meeting EOP-008 requirements for many of our electric utility clients. For those smaller clients without a full time Backup Control Center, we craft a sound strategy to demonstrate how the entity can meet its functional obligation to sufficiently monitor and control the BES when functionality of the primary control center is lost.

FAC-008 – Facility Ratings

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Each Transmission Owner and Generation Owner is required to have documentation for determining the Facility Ratings of its solely and jointly owned transmission and generator Facility(ies) up to the low side terminals of the main step up transformer if the Generator Owner does not own the main step up transformer. If the Generator Owner owns the main step-up, the Facility Ratings should include the high side terminals of the main step up transformer. CRSI consultants work to develop, document, update, and audit Facility Ratings documentation meeting FAC-008 requirements for many of our electric utility clients.

Our scope includes:

  • Design criteria
  • Ratings provided by the manufacturer
  • Equipment drawings
  • Engineering analyses (consistent with ANSI and IEEE standards)
  • Established Engineering practices that have been verified by testing or engineering analysis
  • Validation of the underlying assumptions, design criteria and methods used to determine Equipment Ratings
  • The process by which the Rating of equipment that comprises the facility is determined
  • Reviews of the documented methodology for determining Facility Ratings

Modeling, Data, and Analysis (MOD) Standards

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MOD Standards are intended to standardize methodologies and system data needed for traditional transmission system operation, expansion planning, and reliability assessment. CRSI consultants are experts in helping to create documentation of assumptions and estimates used for modeling that allow you to assess the reliability of the BES. We also document the assessments of uncertainties used to base those assumptions and describe in detail how to deal with these uncertainties.

This group of standards covers:

  • Methodology and associated documentation, review, and validation of Total Transfer Capability (TTC)
  • Steady-state and dynamics data and models
  • Actual and forecast demand data
  • Verification of generator real and reactive power capability

In working with our electric utility clients, CRSI consultants commonly find gaps such as:

  • No process to review and submit equipment characteristics and system data
  • Equipment characteristics not complete
  • Non-filed base case comments by scheduled deadline

PER-005 Operations Personnel Training

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This requirement is designed to ensure that applicable personnel performing or supporting real-time operations on the BES are trained using a systematic training approach. Like many, this Standard has been evolving over time. CRSI is vigilant to ensure that our team is knowledgeable of changes to all NERC Standards. Our team has unmatched experience in creating documentation of Systems Operations Personnel Training and works with your SMEs to develop customized training programs that are practical and maintainable based on an organizations operating procedures, operating practices, and organizational structure.

At a minimum, we address:

  • Creation of a list of BES company-specific, Real-time reliability-related tasks
  • Development of training material specific to each reliability task
  • Methodology and schedule for delivery of the specified training to all operators
  • Development of evaluation criteria for annual review and updates to the training

Functional Registration Assistance

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Navigating the preponderance of NERC 693 Standards and Functional Registrations can be daunting and overwhelming for a new entity attempting to register for the first time or for more experienced entities needing to update with a modified registration resulting from changes in operating responsibilities. Prior to submittal of registration documentation, clients have sought out CRSI’s expert review to verify the accuracy and to assess the strength of an organizations justification of the registrations dependent upon the entity’s specific established operating environment. CRSI’s personnel are recognized industry experts in the NERC Rules of Procedure and are thoroughly practiced in the registration requirements imposed for each type of functional registration.

Internal Compliance Program (ICP) Assessment

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NERC is very interested in the strength of the internal compliance programs of organizations.  What is an entity to do if it discovers a problem that may have compliance or reliability impacts? CRSI performs ICP assessments to determine weaknesses, organizational and program alignment (including staffing studies, effectiveness and capability of tools, etc.), and actions to reorient, align, and strengthen an organizations internal compliance program such that the program is effective, efficient, and maintainable to your organization’s goals for compliance to NERC 693 and CIP Standards.

Organizational Controls Assessment

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NERC is focusing on a risk-based methodology for compliance monitoring and enforcement. One aspect of this focus is the effectiveness of an organization’s internal controls to help to assure an organization is operating to the NERC Standards and maintaining the reliability of the BES. Organizations are strongly encouraged by their respective Regional Entities to develop and implement strong internal controls in their organizational processes and practices. Let our experienced team aid you by identifying and developing strong internal controls for the applicable NERC 693 Standards and CIP Standards resulting in a more effective regulatory compliance position and possible reduction of NERC audit burden.

CRSI strategically partnered with more than 250 electric utilities in the last five (5) years for their NERC CIP Compliance Solutions. To find out more about how to create your Security Compliance Roadmap, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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