Electronic Security Perimeter

CRSI understands that compliance with NERC CIP-005 begins with identification and documentation of the Electronic Security Perimeter (ESP). CRSI has the tools, knowledge, and processes to ensure every Critical Cyber Asset resides within an ESP. This requires a strong understanding of routable connectivity and any network connections into the ESP.

CRSI is your critical resource to ensure all ESP components are identified, documented, and assessed. This includes Electronic Access Controls, Monitoring Electronic Access, Cyber Vulnerability Assessment, and Documentation Review and Maintenance.

CRSI has over 15 years of real-world experience working with energy clients throughout North America on cyber security projects, including:

  • Access Electronic Security PerimeterESP Process Development
  • ESP Documentation
  • Electronic Access Point Identification
  • Electronic Access Point Protection
  • ESP Access Control Process Development
  • Design of Intermediate Systems for Interactive Remote Access
  • Dial Up Connectivity Process Development
  • Malicious Communications Detection Process Development

CRSI strategically partnered with more than 250 electric utilities in the last five (5) years for their NERC CIP Compliance Solutions. To find out more about how to create your Security Compliance Roadmap, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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