Physical Security of Critical Cyber Assets

CRSI knows how to safeguard your critical assets to maintain the Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems in compliance with NERC CIP-006. Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems goes hand in hand with all cyber security actions in protecting BES Cyber Systems because it does you no good to establish firewalls, encryptions, passwords, and etc. if you are just going to allow everyone physical access to your systems. Thus the creation of a physical security perimeter around your BES Cyber Systems helps to control who gets physical access to your systems and keeps out those that do not need access.

This is accomplished by having the operational and procedural controls in place to restrict physical access and the means to monitor for unauthorized access. CRSI understands how to define the perimeter, define and design access roles and access rules, as well as implement the processes and systems to monitor and alert unauthorized access.  We ensure your physical perimeter VG49081NDDcapabilities only allow people in through the established entrances and that these entrances are controlled through various means of access control measures with alarm systems and video surveillance.

CRSI works with its North American energy clients to assist them with the Physical Security of BES Cyber Systems and is a leading provider of services such as:

  • Physical Security Plan Development
  • Physical Access Control System Design
  • Monitoring Physical Access Procedure Development
  • Unauthorized Physical Access Response Procedure Development
  • Alarm Response Procedure Development
  • Physical Access Log Review
  • Visitor Control Program Development
  • Visitor Escort Training Programs
  • Physical Access Control System Maintenance and Testing Program Development
  • PACS Maintenance and Testing Documentation Review

CRSI strategically partnered with more than 250 electric utilities in the last five (5) years for their NERC CIP Compliance Solutions. To find out more about how to create your Security Compliance Roadmap, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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