Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems

CRSI understands that maintaining effective Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems is essential for business continuity and disaster recovery to ensure the stability, operability, and reliability of the BES.  NERC CIP-009 requires each Responsible Entity to have one or more Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems. Without an effective recovery plan, your system will be at risk of being disrupted in the event of loss or misuse of certain cyber assets. Recovery Plans

CRSI has worked with leading energy companies in North America developing and implementing comprehensive Recovery Plans for BES Cyber Systems. We work closely with client SMEs during development of the plan to make certain that the plan is effective for your unique situation and organizational structure.  We identify appropriate resources for each role and prepare detailed instructions to ensure that all responders clearly understand their responsibilities in the recovery process.

CRSI services include:

  • Design and implement BES Cyber Systems Recovery Plan
  • BES Cyber Systems Recovery Plan Assessment
  • BES Cyber Systems Recovery Plan Testing
  • BES Cyber Systems Recovery Exercises

CRSI strategically partnered with more than 250 utilities in the last five (5) years for their NERC CIP Compliance Solutions. To find out more about how to create your Security Compliance Roadmap, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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