New Concept – The CRSI Learning Academy

CRSI Learning Academy

In the day to day engagements we have with our client partners, CRSI has found that utilities are losing between 5% and 20% of critical knowledge and understanding of NERC compliance.

It’s not just turnover though. Frequently, CRSI sees the impact that organizational changes and re-allocation of personnel new to positions of overall CIP responsibility cause gaps and breakdowns in any company’s culture of compliance. It takes time to get staff up to speed and the challenge facing our clients is meeting the day-to-day operations while providing training to new resources.

We developed the CRSI Learning Academy with a specific set of needs in mind, chief among them:

  • To shorten the development time for new staff
  • Increase sustainability of compliance knowledge inside an organization

Click here to read more about the CRSI Learning Academy


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