Action Support

Action Support

As the industry leader in NERC compliance consulting, CRSI successfully leads clients in all of the processes required by the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) and develops successful mitigations for open enforcement actions regarding the CMEP compliance monitoring processes. Responses to these compliance monitoring processes are often complex and resource-consuming. CRSI simplifies and minimizes the effort required by coordinating or providing complete action support by performing all of the above actions. Action Support

The actions required of NERC Registered Entities by the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) include:

  • Compliance Audits – A systematic, objective review and examination of records and activities for compliance to applicable Reliability Standards.
  • Self-Certifications – A positive attestation of compliance or non-applicability regarding specific Reliability Standard Requirements.
  • Spot Checks – A process in which the Compliance Enforcement Authority requests a Registered Entity to provide evidence of compliance.
  • Compliance Investigations – A comprehensive investigation to determine if a violation of a Reliability Standard has occurred.
  • Self-Reports – A report by a Registered Entity stating that the Registered Entity believes it has, or may have, violated a Reliability Standard.*
  • Periodic Data Submittals – Modeling, studies, analyses, documents, procedures, methodologies, operating data, process information or other information to demonstrate compliance with Reliability Standards and provided by Registered Entities to the Compliance Enforcement Authority on a time frame required by a Reliability Standard or an ad hoc basis.*
  • Complaints – An allegation that a Registered Entity violated a Reliability Standard.*
* NERC. “Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program”. Appendix 4C to the Rules of Procedure. Web.

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