Evidence Support

Evidence Support – Preparation and Submission

CRSI provides evidence support services to leading utilities because NERC’s evidence requirements frequently lack clarity. This results in varied opinions of client personnel and can result in inconsistent and inadequate evidence being produced by the various team members. Additionally, changes in management and personnel may lessen the expertise needed to gather and maintain pertinent and detailed information.

Evidence SupportAlso, competing priorities may lead to poor maintenance of documentation. CRSI has the extensive experience needed to educate and collaborate with you on the proper selection, delivery, and presentation of evidence. In helping to review, write, and prepare evidence, CRSI implements the proper industry-wide language and common terminology in a technical but easy-to-understand manner. This allows for evidence artifacts to be easily read and understood.

From conducting audits on the behalf of Regional Entities, and assisting leading electric utilities through an audit; CRSI has learned that some utilities will not have proper cross-references or readily navigable pages. CRSI ensures that its personnel are knowledgeable and can direct an entity to confidently produce relevant information in a seamless manner to auditors. This practice, in turn, leads to a hassle-free audit experience as both parties do not have to dig through evidence and waste valuable time searching for the proper documentation.

CRSI strategically partnered with more than 250 electric utilities in the last five (5) years for their NERC CIP Compliance Solutions. To find out more about how to create your Security Compliance Roadmap, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation.

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