Strategic Roadmap Session

How the Strategic Roadmap Session WorksRoadmap Session

You have the concept of a plan, but you’re looking for someone to help guide you through to the end. Or, you’ve participated in a Strategic Whiteboard Session and want to really drive a more focused and detailed plan. Enter the Strategic Roadmap Session.

Over the past 15 years, CRSI has worked with decision makers from electric utilities of all types and all sizes across North America. Oftentimes, compliance leaders have a plan, but don’t have it written down and documented. In other cases, compliance leaders are unaware of what they truly need to be successful.

Either way, the Strategic Roadmap Session works by having one or two CRSI consultants facilitate a one-to-three week working engagement to identify current capabilities, outline a set of targeted or desired outcomes, and compile a detailed set of prioritized actions to be taken.

As your Trusted Adviser, CRSI’s intent is to drive a plan focused on strategic and tactical work efforts for the next 12-to-18 months, ensuring your organization’s success in navigating the ever-changing compliance landscape.

A Snapshot of the Strategic Roadmap Session:


Pre-Work begins with a scoping call to conduct a deep-dive to focus on your specific requirements, business impacts/pain points, identify critical questions and decisions that need to be made, and reviews your organization’s performance in recent compliance audits or internal findings to focus attention to any trouble areas that may exist.

Week One:

Week One focuses on documenting the organizational roles and responsibilities, identifying tools and resources available to you, assessing your current situation and known SWOT elements, reviewing relevant compliance audits or internal findings, and developing a draft plan through an innovation/idea session. To conclude Week One, we summarize the core findings, rank and prioritize by impact, and review with you for agreement.

Week Two:

Week Two is dedicated to discovering potential road-blocks to overcome. Once obstacles are identified, CRSI would guide discussion in finding mitigation options. Next, the joint team will define and test these options, and establish the desired end-state of your program. Finally, Week Two ends with the creation of a high-level strategic plan, refinement of impact statements, , re-calibrate priorities/needs, and task ownership of action items identified from the high level strategic plan.

Week Three:

Week Three is targeted at expanding upon the high level strategic plan by identifying overlaps and pre-requisites, adding detail to each action item, confirming resources required to successfully complete action items, confirming timelines, and assigning responsibility to members of your leadership team for each of the action items. Week Three concludes with the creation of a detailed and strategic Roadmap plan.

Executive Briefing:

Following the conclusion of the Strategic Roadmap Session, CRSI consultants will write an Executive Briefing document. This document will include core findings of the working engagement, the detailed Roadmap, recommended actions, all strategy notes, and suggestions on how best to utilize CRSI to successfully complete elements of your comprehensive plan.

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