Why Us

Since 2001, Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. (CRSI) has been the premier security solutions provider that energy industry leader’s choose to be their strategic partner. For the past decade, CRSI has been at the forefront of NERC Compliance, in both NERC CIP Cyber Security Standards and NERC 693 Operational Planning Reliability Standards.

CRSI’s unmatched experience comes from working with several hundreds of utility companies across all eight (8) NERC regions, successfully completing thousands of projects. We have also worked directly  with NERC regional entities to conduct NERC CIP Audits, CIP-002 Risk Based Assessment Methodology (RBAM) reviews, and Mitigation Plan reviews; providing CRSI with direct insight into regional entity evaluation methods. CRSI staff have also served as drafting team members for:

  • UA-1200 Standards
  • NERC CIP Standards (Versions 1-5)
  • Violations Risk Factors
  • ES-ISAC Working Group


In 15 years of business, we have found that our project team approach is the best in the industry. We start each project by assigning a Project Manager, who then carefully reviews the project requirements, defines the deliverables, and selects a project team based upon who is the right resource for the work. CRSI defines the right resource as a team member who:

  • Has the skills to successfully complete the job Why Us
  • Is available to do the work when needed
  • And has the lowest priced rate

Our project team approach allows CRSI to offer flexible and responsive services with project controls ensuring every client that partners with us benefits from objective planning, simplified processes, and increased accountability. Each deliverable for every project goes through our quality assurance process to maintain a high level of service.

Our Vision

Corporate Risk Solutions, Inc. will continuously advance its leadership as the preeminent security, operations and compliance consulting firm for energy companies: inspiring the best and brightest in the industry to join us.

Our Mission

To provide an unparalleled breadth of services and resources, formal quality assurance programs, unmatched experience, and demonstrated value-driven security, operations and compliance services and products that consistently exceed client expectations.

Our Philosophy of Success

Each organization has its own definition of success. At CRSI, our definition isn’t defined by our own goals, but by meeting and exceeding our client’s goals. Our philosophy is centered around providing value in everything we do, so that the services and products we provide directly contribute to the continued success of our clients. We deliver predictable and exceptional results.

Efficient. Effective. Sustainable.

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