How to Maintain the Security for Documents Shared Online

Remote and collaborative work necessitates a lot of document sharing online. This exposes your documents to online security breaches ranging from plagiarism to the the distortion of sensitive data. It is, therefore, important to ensure that security is part of your document management system (DMS).

Internet security and support centers such as Omniaintranet offer a lot of useful information on keeping your documents secure on different platforms: Google, Microsoft, etc. Simple security measures include manually indicating the document author for authenticity and also ensuring that all edits and timestamps are highlighted. Although some platforms offer these by default, it’s important to manually confirm that they are working. It is also necessary when using a computer that is not yours.

Omnia goes beyond just document security and helps you understand the entire concept of document management. It explains complex systems such as multi-source document input in simple language. Their blog section is also rich in resources for all online security levels.