Personal safety

Feeling secure is not just about using security cameras outside of the home, or having a state of the art alarm on your doors and windows, it is also about feeling secure in yourself. In order to feel properly secure you should learn a little about self defense.

Self-Defense Classes

Self defense classes are perfect for anyone feeling a little bit vulnerable as they can teach you the basics in how to take care of yourself. It is not about building muscle but learning how to disarm an assailant, where best to hit to cause the most damage, and how to get away if you are grabbed.

Workout gear

When you attend a self defense class you need to make sure you are comfortable; yoga pants and t-shirts are common workout gear as they stretch when you move, so you are not restricted when punching or kicking. Yoga pants are very fashionable and can be bought in a range of colours and patterns, although plain black are always very popular.

Martial Arts

You don’t need to wear yoga pants when you learn martial arts, you will be wearing a suit instead. these consist of loose pants and top, tied at the waist with a belt. The colour of the belt will denote your level of expertise in the arts, with complete novices starting with a white belt.

Feeling good, looking good

When you feel safe and secure with your surroundings, you will exude confidence, which helps you look good on the outside. Wearing yoga pants when not working out is a sign that you are comfortable in your own skin.

Keeping safe

Your security should be high up on your personal concerns, so if you live in an area with a high crime rate, or you are worried about not being able to defend yourself if needed, then check out local self defense classes. Even some exercise classes, like boxercise for example, will teach you how to maintain balance, and how to throw a proper punch so that you don’t injure yourself.

Stay safe, look after yourself and make sure you have enough self defense knowledge to keep you feeling confident when out on your own.

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