Boost your home security with plant help

Everyone is very security conscious these days and with good reason. It is very important to protect your family and your home. You may not be aware of it, but there are plenty of simple things that the homeowner can do to improve security and nature can give a helping hand.

Using plants as a deterrent

Most people don’t realise that a hedge offers a little more in the way of security than a fence or a wall. If a burglar wants to break into your home they won’t want to come through the main gate, especially if they think they might be caught on a security camera. They’ll want to find another way into your garden.

They also look a little more interesting. You can consider a plant such as Firethorn, which has prickly branches and would definitely deter potential thieves from trying to crawl through or over. It grows quickly and will be a strong barrier in no time at all. You can also achieve the same effect with holly hedging. It has a great traditional look and is evergreen, which is a bonus. This has a very dense growth, which would prevent intruders. For even sharper thorns, look to the red barberry hedge plant, which would not only look amazing but would create a very effective barrier.

Some people may be concerned about caring for plants like this once they are in place. There are plenty of resources that will help with this and one of the best options is a comprehensive plant care app that will explain to you exactly what your plants are and how best to care for them. It will explain to you how to keep them in the best conditions so that your hedges will be able to work as a deterrent all year round.

Of course, plants aren’t just a means of preventing intruders from getting into your garden. You can also use them to help protect your home in other ways. A hanging basket, for example, makes a good hiding place for a security camera and anyone approaching may not necessarily realise it is there. You could also use them to hide a security light, which switches on when someone approaches – this will catch out any potential intruder.

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