The Most Heavily Guarded Places on the Globe

Security is important for your peace of mind, whether it’s having locked your front door or hiring guards to take care of your hotel or business. There are some places which need more security than others, such as banks and museums. Here are some of the most heavily guarded places on the globe.

Fort Knox

This is home to a lot of America’s monetary assets. Fort Knox is believed to house about 5000 tons of gold and historical documents. The most secure place on earth has a solid granite perimeter wall and machine guns ready to fire in case of an intrusion. It is also surrounded by a military camp.</p>

Vatican Secret Archives

These archives are at the headquarters of the Catholic Church in the Vatican, Italy. Some of the rarest and most sacred documents in religion are stored here. The place is so secure that only a few photos from the archives exist. Only research officers are allowed on the premises with special permission.

The White House

The home to the United States’ president has an iron fence all around. It has bullet-proofed windows and a nuclear bunker. Planes are not allowed to fly within a 15-mile radius of the White House.